Secrets the Banks Do Not Want You To Know

The banks are not on your side. They are profit driven and the lenders are trying to get the most money out of… 0

A Loan Modification Approval Does Not End the Process

Congratulations, you received a loan modification from your lender and you are now on your way to saving home.  Or are you?  Even… 0

Cannot Sue for Lack of Standing and Receive Modification at the Same Time

Suppose you are sued in a foreclosure action.  Let us say that you sue the investor in federal court to prevent the foreclosure… 0

Eight Out of Nine Ain’t Bad

As a result of the robo-signing signing scandal and other foreclosure abuses, many servicers, including Ocwen, were sued by the Federal government.  A… 0

New HUD Policy Will Help Delinquent Borrowers

There is some good news for homeowners who are behind on their FHA mortgage payments.  A little background is necessary first.  The Federal… 0

Another Servicer Abuses Homeowners

Another servicer has been fined by the Consumer Finance Protection Board (CFPB).  Green Tree Servicing, which has been expanding its servicing operations has… 0

Tricks Banks Use To Get Homeowners Into Foreclosure

Often times lenders make more money from foreclosure than actual payment. As the current housing crisis has shown,banks give as few modifications as… 0

Borrower May Have State Action When Improperly Denied Loan Modification

Many courts have decided that the federal Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”) does not offer borrowers a private right of action to allege… 0

New Program for Hard Hit Areas

For distressed homeowners living in Chicago or Detroit, there are additional programs available to help avoid foreclosure.   Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are… 0

Ocwen on the Side of the Homeowner?

The fight between Ocwen and the investors is revealing the dirty secrets behind the loan modification process.  Ocwen Financial Corp., which is the… 0

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